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The major county town Radeberg is located only a few minutes north-east of Dresden and was first mentioned in a document and referred under the name “Radeberg” in 1219.

Klippenstein Castle, the town’s landmark, was erected in the 13th century close to the trading road to Bohemia, still counts as the most significant cultural monument of the area and influences the history of the town succinctly. Here in the year 1412 the Margrave of Meissen granted municipal rights to the city and in 1507 Duke August created the emblem of the town which is still used today.
A broad range of craftsmen and artisans found their way into Radeberg and thus gradually a modern industrial town developed. Hence the Saxon-Silesian railway, the first glass factory and a market-listed brewery emerged in the 19th century. Agathe Zeis manufactured the first German Camembert in 1884, todays Radeberger export brewery brewed the first German beer exclusively with the pilsner brewing process, in 1905 the brewery became the purveyor to the court of the Saxon royal family, and since 1922 the dental manufactory manufactured various porcelain teeth. For professionals “Gläser” will be a household name, since he was a famous manufacturer of carriages and today still produces assorted parts for “modern vehicles”. Saxonia Medical, famous in the whole world for their artificial kidneys, originated from the Hutschenreuther Zahnfabrik.

In the following period several industrial branches developed in Radeberg and characterized the townscape of the town with its roughly 18.000 residents. The city of Radeberg is with its social commitment, the growing supply of jobs, and its great recreational qualities of the Dresdner Heath a popular place of residence and work. Beyond the borders the city becomes more and more known and popular.


Beer town Radeberg
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beer town radeberg
beer town radeberg

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