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Istria, insider tip and peninsula in the north of the Adriatic

Vineyards are laid out on 5,500 hectares, and 31 nature reserves invite you to relax. Numerous historic mountain and port cities, a world cultural heritage and plenty of water on 3 rivers, 2 fjords and 540 km of coast are travel destinations for around 3 million tourists per year. In addition to this holiday quality, the country's cuisine is also valued, with around 1.6 million olive trees forming the basis for excellent dishes and oils.

Architectural beauties in particular lure the streets of the historic towns along the Adriatic Sea. Popular destinations and dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” are worth visiting in Pula or Porec. Especially the tranquil Rovinj is a must when visiting the Istrian peninsula. The city, surrounded by azure blue water and on a headland, shows the impressive history of the region. Narrow streets and historic houses tell of the past, which goes back to the 7th century. Tourists from all over the world capture their impressions on the camera and report on the down-to-earth attitude of the Istrians, who, as always, hang their laundry across the streets to dry. In addition to the Church of St. Euphemia, these are motifs that visitors take home with them.

The approximately 500 km Adriatic coast appeal to active vacationers, bathers and families alike. The extensive beaches, the nearby forests and the adjacent mountain ranges invite you to sport, play, have fun and action. But the hinterland is particularly beautiful and offers a variety of experiences for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether a trip on the bike, a hike through the varied nature or first-class cuisine offers a lot of individuality.

The gastronomy in particular, with its local products, has surprised many a visitor with culinary delights. Seafood, cheese, wine, vegetables and mushrooms characterize the menus of the restaurants. Outstanding fresh fish, the best olive oil, beer from the factory, top regional wines, hearty cheese and truffles are of a quality that doesn’t need to hide from the cuisine that is otherwise so valued in other Mediterranean countries. Black mushrooms in particular, also export hits to the USA, are used for many preparations in the country's kitchens and even for making schnapps.

With such peculiarities, Istria has developed from an image of a cheap travel destination to a high quality and culinary destination. To keep it that way, the around 200,000 inhabitants of the peninsula invest a lot of energy and love in their homeland, in the infrastructure, in the cultivation of regional products and thus preserve the beauties of the country for guests from all over the world.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, it is still an insider tip that makes a journey through the eventful history, the tangible tradition, the diverse culture and culinary delights appealing.

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