Starters & appetizers


Smoked Paprika soup                                                                                                            Crostini Feta I thyme I honey

9,00 €

Cold cumber soup 
salmon trout I applecream I wild herbs

10,00 €

Caprese                                                                                                                                    Buffalo mozzarella I roasted tomato cream I betroot I chard I basil pesto

14,00 €
Tatar of veal                                                                                                                                       red radish I cashews I sweet wine I parsley oil 17,00 €




Small mixed salad |herb vinaigrette

7,00 €

Timmermanns salad G,H,M
Salad |Cranberry dressing |pick lettuce|Qiunoa|beets|beetroot |wild herbs

with:                                                                                                                                            grilled halloumi

chicken breast

salmon bömlo with Panko coating

13,00 €


5,00 €

7,00 €

7,00 €



We serve fresh bread with all starters and salads. 



Fish & meat

Pasta Carbonara handmade pasta I bacon I egg I parmesan12,00 €
Halibut lime |chili |betrout couscous I wild broccoli

25,00 €

Kikok chicken melted tomatoes I Rieslin sauce I chervil I polenta22,00 €
Zucchini risotto red shrimps I cherry tomatoes I zucchini pesto I parmesan

16,00 €

Marinated and braised beef saxony style red cabbage I pavè

22,00 €

Barded veal filet Pancetta I thyme jus I picjled radish I smoked parship purrè

26,00 €

 Cordon bleu of pork fillet with ham & cheese mixed vegetables I steakhouse pommes

21,00 €     



Black truffle Gnocchi
Cherry tomato | wild herbs I grilled Avocado I garlic
18,00 €
“Stamosas" filled dumplings I cauliflower I chili I caraway I garlic I curry I spinach I coconut oil I mango chutney12,00 €




Rumpsteak 200g Café de paris butter | beans with bacon

30,00 €

Duroc dry ageca. 300g herb butter I lukewarm lentil salad

27,00 €

Beef filet 200g cagfè de paris butter I grilled vegetables

36,00 €

choice for the steak

Steakhouse fries XL-Cut
                                                                                                                                                          Thyme potatoes                                                                                                                                                 


5,00 €

5,00 €

We get our 100% organic beef from farm in Wallroda


All steaks come with 3 specially chosen spices



Timmermanns Chicken  Burger 3,4,6,A1,B,E,G,H

cheddar I iceberg salad|grilled pinerapple Ichili I rungs I rustic bun I French fries

18,00 €


For our kids

Fish sticks A1, B, E, L
Tomato sauce | mashed potatoes
5,50 €
Children escalope A1,G
French fries | carrots
6,50 €



... and something sweet at the end

curd balls sxony style                                                                                                              apple I cinnamon butter I crumble I vanilla I choco caramel

9,00 €

Nougat Cannelloni  
macaron |mousse I apple sorrbet I hazuelnut tarte

12,00 €

white mousse au chocolate                                                                                                        belgian chocolate I sorbet pistacchio

11,00 €

Timmermann`s cheese of the "Hofkäserei Schönborn"                                                   fruits I nuts I red fig mustard I apricot chutney I brioche                                                                                               15,00 €




Please also ask for our ice cream menu!




Legend additives & allergens:

* Gross weight

1= with colorant, 2 = with preservative, 3 = with antioxidant, 4 = with nitrite curing salt, 5 = sulfurized, 6 = with sweetener, 7 = with flavor enhancer, 8 = with caffeine, 9 = with quinine, 10 = blackened, A = gluten (A1 wheat, A2 rye, A3 barley, A4 oats), B = eggs, C = peanuts, D = soy, E = milk, F = nuts (F1 almond, F2 hazelnut, F3 walnut, F4 cashew, F5 pistachio, F6 pine), G = celery, H = mustard, I = sesame, J = sulfites, K = lupine, L = fish, M = crustaceans, N = mollusks.

Note: Dear guests, our carefully prepared dishes may contain traces of various allergens subject to labeling.

Breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet
braised beef  sxony style
braised beef sxony style
TIMMERMANN`s Kikok Chicken
TIMMERMANN`s Kikok Chicken
Duroc Dry Age
Duroc Dry Age

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