light Mediterranean cuisine


Steak tartare of beef, small salad, toast and butter    

Small mixed salad and herb vinaigrette       

Slices of mamated beef, Parmesan cheese, side salad and truffel oil

Tatar of red beet with avocado, mixed salad and sheep cheese


Soup of the day                                                   


  9,70 €

4,70 €

12,30 €

12,10 €


5,00 €

Salads & vegetarian

Cesar salad with dressing of capers, croutons, shavings of Parmesan cheese and slices of chicken breast                                                                                                                                          
Loose-leaf salad of wild herbs with sheep cheeese, walnuts, pumpernickel croutons and herb vinaigrette

creamy risotto with glazed cherry tomatoes, passion fruit and cream cheese


We serve fresh baked bread with all Appetizer, Soups and salads                  


12,60 €


    8,90 €

                                                     10,20 €


Meet & Fish Dishes

Veal Escalope "Vienna style" coating served with sweet potato fries, cranberry and capers                                

Cordon bleu of pork filled with ham and cheese, mixed vegetable and french fries

Marinated beef "Saxony style" with raisin sauce, red cabbage and dumplings

Chicken breast strips in red curry coconut sauce with crunchy grilled vegetables and basmati reis

Ribbon pasta in spinach cream sauce with roasted salmon cubes, cgerry tomatoes and parmesan

Trout Miller with parsley potatoes and cucumber salad

Fried Norwegian salmon with light herb parmesan sauce on grilled vegetables and fragrant rice

17,80 €

       12,40 €

14,20 €

13,20 €

        12,70 €

       13,20 €

11,90 €


Burger & Grill


Argentinean rump-steak (250g)             

Young beef steak (250g)

roasted chicken breast and grilled vegetables

optionelly with (included):


Portwine jus

Herb butter

Mango chutney


Side order:

garden vegetables                                                                 

bacon beans

grilled vegetables


Sweet potatoes fries

Steak house fries

Mixed salad


 19,80 €

18,60 €

7,50 €








4,30 €

4,20 €

4,50 €


3,50 €

3,50 €

4,70 €



Pulled pork with coleslaw, BBQ-sauce

Homemade beef patty, lettuce, fried egg, bacon, coleslaw and tomato mayonnaise

Falafel burger oriektal chickpeas on crisp salad with avocado cubes and light Mango chutney in spelled wholgrain bread rolls

Pure Meat from Saxon Willow bark (180g) with cruncha salad, crispy bacon, tomatoes, sour cucumber, fried egg and a fine goat`s chees and mango sauce in rustic bread roll


optionally to ever burger:

Sweet potato fries

Steak house fries

Mixed salad


Clubsandwich "TIMMERMANNS                                                                                                     juicy grilled chicken, fried slices of bacon and crispy fried egg on a sandwich sauce, served in a round wholemeal toast

11,40 €

  12,20 €

10,70 €

      10,20 €







       10,20 €




Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit                  

Cheesecake "TIMMERMANNS" with American recipe on a raspberry sauce on fuits


Ask also for our ice menu!

 6,50 €

5,20 €



1= mit Farbstoff, 2= mit Konservierungsstoff, 3= mit Antioxidationsmittel, 4= mit Nitritpökelsalz, 5= geschwefelt, 6= mit Süßungsmittel, 7= mit Geschmacksverstärker, 8= mit Koffein, 9= mit Chinin, 10= geschwärzt, A = Gluten(A1 Weizen, A2 Roggen, A3 Gerste, A4 Hafer),B = Eier,C = Erdnüsse,D = Soja,E = Milch,F = Schalenfrüchte(F1 Mandel, F2 Haselnuss, F3 Walnuss, F4 Cashew, F5 Pistazie, F6 Pinie),G = Sellerie,H = Senf,I = Sesam,J = Sulfite,K = Lupine,L = Fisch,M = Krebstiere,N = Weichtiere

Restaurant Oliveto
Restaurant Oliveto

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